• Moon Rocks

    Cerebral, Relaxing

    May Relieve
    Chronic Pain, Headaches, Insomnia, Migraines

    Dank, Hash, Nutty, Sweet

    Dank, Earthy, Hash, Mellow, Nutty, Spicy


    Moon Rocks

  • Sour Diesel

    Up to 23-25% THC


    Flavours: Citrus, Lemon, Earthy

    Effects: Happy, Euphoric, Uplifted, Energetic, Creative

    Medical: Depression, Stress, Fatigue, Pain, Headaches


    Sour Diesel

  • Candy Jack

    Up to 25-27% THC


    Flavours:  Sweet, Citrus, Flowery

    Effects: Happy, Creative, Uplifted, Relaxed, Focused

    Medical Uses: Stress, Depression, Fatigue, Pain, Lack of Appetite


    Candy Jack

  • Organic Jack Herer

    Jack Herer was created in the Netherlands in the mid-1990s where it was later distributed by Dutch pharmacies as a recognized medical-grade strain. Since then, the spicy, pine-scented sativa has taken home numerous awards for its quality and potency.

    Up to 22-24% THC


    Flavours:  Earthy, Pine, Woody

    Effects: Happy, Uplifted, Energetic, Euphoric, Creative

    Medical Uses: Stress, Depression, Pain, Fatigue, Headaches


    Organic Jack Herer

  • Strawberry Lemonade

    Up to 26-28% THC


    Flavours:  Lemon, Strawberry, Sweet

    Effects: Euphoric, Relaxed, Happy, Focused, Uplifted

    Medical Uses: Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Seizures


    Strawberry Lemonade

  • Cinderella 99

    The main qualities of Cinderella 99 is, soaring cerebral effects, mind racey, and strong nerve effects. The Euphoric uplifting start gives the user a rush of energy, similar to what you get from caffeine. After the initial buzz, users will start to feel happy and their thoughts will go through their head at a million miles an hour just like the people who drive on the HW 99. Due to these effects, this strain is not recommended for night use and users with anxiety as it can keep users up through the upstick in mental activity.

    Up to 20-22% THC


    Flavours: Earthy, Flowery, Citrus

    Effects: Euphoric, Uplifted, Energetic, Happy, Relaxed

    Medical Benefits: Stress, Depression, Fatigue, Lack of Appetite, Pain


    Cinderella 99

  • Super Silver Haze

    Along with the pain relief, Super Silver Haze rids users of depression, anxiety, stress and Migraines.

    Who doesn’t want an award winner on their roster? Go for gold with Super Silver Haze.


    Flavours:  Sweet, Earthy, Citrus

    Effects: Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric, Energetic, Relaxed

    Medical Uses: Stress, Depression, Pain, Fatigue, Headaches


    Super Silver Haze

  • Jack Herer

    Needless to say, Jack Herer is a great choice for medicating during the day. A couple of puffs and it’s a background buzz, but even in larger amounts, the energizing effects allow users to go on with their life.

    If you enjoy invigorating the mind, relaxing the body and shedding light on any negative situation, make Jack Here your go-to strain.


    Up to 22-24% THC


    Flavours:  Earthy, Pine, Woody

    Effects: Euphoric, Energetic, Happy, Focused, Uplifted

    Medical Uses: Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Lack of Appetite


    Jack Herer

  • Maui Wowie

    Up to 17-19% THC


    Flavours: Tropical, Sweet, Pineapple

    Effects: Happy, Uplifted, Energetic, Euphoric, Creative

    Medical Benefits: Stress, Depression, Pain, Fatigue, Headaches


    Maui Wowie

  • Strawberry Cough

    Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD has shown to improve with the use of this flower. Please consult your doctor before discontinuing any medication.

    The Strawberry Cough strain is one of a kind. It’s perfect to start the day off and help you excel in where ever life takes you.

    Up to 21-23% THC


    Flavours: Strawberry, Sweet, Berry

    Effects: Happy, Euphoric, Uplifted, Energetic, Relaxed

    Medical Benefits: Stress. Depression, Pain, Fatigue, Headaches


    Strawberry Cough

  • Jack Diesel

    JD tends to be a favourite in the recreational market but has plenty of medicinal value, as well. It aids mood disorders such as depression and anxiety, as well as chronic fatigue and stress. Those looking to alleviate pain are best trying a different strain.

    If you want a clear-headed, creative and energetic high, then Jack Diesel is your guy.

    Up to 21-23% THC


    Flavours: Fruity, Diesel, Pungent

    Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Creative, Uplifted

    Medical Uses: Pain, Stress, Depression, Insomnia, Anxiety


    Jack Diesel

  • Super Lemon Haze

    If you want a tasty, award-winning top-shelf strain in your stash that doesn’t break the bank, it’s Super Lemon Haze.

    Up To 23-25% THC


    Flavours: Lemon, Citrus, Sweet

    Effects: Happy, Energetic, Uplifted, Euphoric, Creative

    Medical: Stress, Depression, Pain, Fatigue, Headaches


    Super Lemon Haze


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