How Switching to a THC Vape Pen Changed My Life


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a THC vape pen?


Probably not much right? With so many options for cannabis, we’ve become so inundated with cannabis products and strains that for the most part, we stick to our tried-and-true favorites. Whether that be our favorite strains, our edibles of choice or even concentrates that we dab with friends – it doesn’t make much sense to try a new kinds of medication when the ones we’ve been using for so long work perfectly fine.


As the old adage goes – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!


But if that adage was as true as its believers would have you think, we’ll have no innovation.


Even if things work perfectly well, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved on or changed – at least that’s what I believe – and it’s a belief that has helped to completely revolutionize my life with using cannabis.


What’s a THC Vape pen?


To begin with, what is a THC vape pen? If reading that conjures up images of fruit flavored jools and nicotine, then you wouldn’t be too far from the mark, but I would also implore you to think again.


A THC vape pen is a portable, mobile and discreet vaping device that utilizes THC vape cartridges filled with distillate to get you feeling elevated and lifted. In some ways, a THC vape pen can be considered to be very similar to the likes of a portable dab rig or dab straw as they both vaporize a form of cannabis concentrate.


Don’t be fooled – you’re not going to be carrying around a forearm-sized dab rig with you everywhere you go. With a THC vape pen, the whole package can comfortably and reliably fit into your pocket.


There’s a reason why it’s called a “vape pen” after all!


Now you might be wondering – how did switching to such a small device change my life?


To answer that question, we’ll need to first understand my smoking habits.


Mounting Disaster – Modern Day Inconveniences

Now it doesn’t matter if you’re a casual user or self-proclaimed cannabis connoisseur, the chances are that in some capacity or another, you have tried to smoke or vaporize cannabis flower either in a joint or a dry herb vaporizer.


If you’re somebody who doesn’t smoke a lot, or has their friends/family procure and roll their joints and/or bowls for them, then this next section won’t be that interesting to you. If you’re a toke-toke-pass kind of smoker, then you’ll want to stay tuned.


No matter where you go, who you’re with or where you’re at, consuming cannabis in the traditional way is a very “loud” and attention-attracting activity.


Beginning from the act of grinding your cannabis in a grinder, smelling the pungent aroma wafting around as you fill your joint and the lingering smoke once you finally combust your joint or bowl – smoking weed is a very, for the lack of a better term, “noteworthy” activity that draws a lot of attention.


Ah but you might be thinking now “why doesn’t this guy just try some edibles instead?”

Sugar Jack's

Well, you must have never experienced a green-out before then.


From varying doses found in different brands to differences in our bodies processing the THC, edibles have been and always will be a toss up for me. I could have a 10mg piece of medicated candy and feel slightly lifted for a while and have the same piece the next day and just feel completely nothing.


Even worse, I might try 10mg of another edible and just suffer from nausea, dizziness and sedation for the whole night, wasting my whole evening.


Those who have ever smoked too much weed or ate too strong of an edible can attest to this harrowing and difficult experience.


And plus, eating an edible doesn’t replicate the puff-puff-pass ritual that all tokers know and love.


That’s not to say that edibles are bad, they’re just not the right for myself. My friends still swear by them but after a few difficult experiences, I think it’s safe for me to rule them out.


If you’re in an area that’s not particularly keen on the ganja, then you might also recognize the need to vacate to a well-hidden “smoke spot” somewhere in the woods so that you can enjoy your sticky icky with friends in peace and privacy.


If it rained, the sesh had to be cancelled. If it was in the sweltering heat of the summer, our bodies became an all-you-can-eat buffet for the local mosquito swarms. Winter? We were freezing our asses off.


Don’t mention how using a dry-herb vaporizer would make it easier to sesh at home, because we’ve tried those before too and they still let out a pungent stench that tends to linger and stick to our walls.


The need for myself and my smoking circle to move to a hidden, secluded spot a good 20 or 30 minute drive away was definitely taxing, and one that affected my life heavily. For starters, the whole act of moving to a smoke spot involved either myself or one of my friends to drive for a good 40 minute to an hour in order to even start the sesh.


Secondly, we also had to drive while high in order to get home.


Say what you want about how safe it is to drive while high; it doesn’t matter how “safe” or “capable” of a driver myself or either of my friends were driving under the influence, it always made me feel uneasy.


Not only did I feel like I was endangering myself, I was also endangering others.


Worst yet?


By the time it took for us to finally get home, the high was already beginning to wear off. If I wanted to play video games, cook or simply watch one of my favorite movies while high, that prospect disappeared out the window.


That is, until I made the switch over to a THC vape pen.


Saving Grace – Enter the THC Vape Pen


So before I made the switch, I, like many of you, felt extremely tepid towards the prospect of using a vape pen. I had no idea what was actually going into my lungs unlike actual flower and I was also a bit spooked about the possible health implications of using such a device. After all, this was during the peak of the “Juul Black Lung Scare.” 


That was more than a year ago, and I’m here to not only tell my story, but sing praises for the device that changed my life.

To begin with, THC vape pen kits such as the ones listed above (and my personal favorite) vaporize a perfectly safe cannabis concentrate known as THC distillate.


THC distillate is a cannabis extract that uses a solvent to extract all of the great compounds out of the cannabis plant such as THC or CBD while isolating and removing the undesirable parts before the solvent itself is purged.


What you’re left with is a cannabis extract product that’s incredibly pure – an average THC vape pen cartridge can boast potency levels of up to 90% THC – and incredibly safe. Academic studies have shown that vaporization technology is a safe method of consumption for cannabis.


So how did making the switch to a THC vape pen change my life?


Here’s how.



Instead of combusting my joints and lighting my bowls in a forest a good half hour away from civilization, I could now enjoy all the benefits of THC and being high in the comfort of my own home.


This was amazing.


My friends and I didn’t have to take a good hour out of our day getting to and returning from the smoke spot nor did we have to even leave the house to get lifted. We could just hit the the vape pen in the living room without worrying about any pungent smell permeating the walls or lingering in the room.


Did I mention that a THC vape pen is odorless?

Pyro Vape Pen

Without any lingering smell or pungent smoke to worry about, all I had to do was charge the pen, pick my favorite flavor of vape cartridge and vape away! Video games, movies and even cooking while high suddenly all became viable options for me now – and I didn’t even have to leave my house!  My smoke group congregated at one of our houses instead and we puff-puff-passed as easily and as readily as we did prior with our joints.


The convenience was unparalleled, but that’s not the only perk of switching over to a THC vape pen…



For those that don’t roll their own joints, this isn’t a big deal but for those that do… this is definitely an underappreciated perk.


So for those that roll joints or even just use a pipe, you’ll know that you’ll have to carry around a litany of equipment.  You’ll need a grinder, some rolling papers, filters (if you use them), a pipe/bong and a lighter. In fact, most tokers will have a weed kit filled with all the weed accessories that you need.


With a THC vape pen, all you really need is the THC vape pen itself. Maybe a little portable power bank if you’re worried about the battery life but for all intents and purposes of smoking weed, you just need the palm sized device and you’re good to go! Take it on hikes, camping trips and even around town – the option to smoke anytime and anywhere discreetly and privately has now been unlocked.


Another aspect that I absolutely love about my THC vape pen is the absolute value that it offers. When I’m smoking alone, a gram of premium flower bought at an online dispensary can range anywhere from $6-$10 on average. If I’m smoking with a big group or picking up for the month, I might pick up 2 ounces for $350. While this is undoubtedly an incredible deal, buying premium flower every month for myself and my smoking circle (even when we all split the price) can get incredibly expensive over time.

Pyro Ceramic Cartridges

With a THC vape pen, you can purchase a vape cartridge from $35 for a ceramic cartridge up to $50 for a premium glass cartridge. Each 1 gram THC vape pen cartridge lasts an average of 1 to 2 months for your average smoker.


Since these distillate cartridges are so potent, you only really need a few light puffs to get incredibly lifted. These cartridges last long, taste great and are incredibly concentrated. If you’re going to be trying a THC vape pen for the first time, it’s in your best interest to take it slow and take it one sip at a time!

Hooti Vape Pen

With such a potent product, I, along with my smoking circle, were soon saving hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars a month. We still purchased the quintessential basics such as edibles and concentrates from an online dispensary Canada but flower was definitely something that was now a “rare treat” since we’ve all fallen in love with the convenience, portability and value that a THC vape pen can offer.


Should You Make The Switch to a THC Vape Pen?

While making the switch over to a THC vape pen might not completely change your life like it had with mine, it’s definitely worth the cheap initial investment to try it out for yourself.


These THC vape pen starter kits include a battery, a cartridge and a charger in each package. To set up, all you need to do is plug in and charge the battery (the pen-like vaporizer device), screw in a THC vape pen cartridge and vape away!


Coming in many different shapes and sizes, there’s bound to be one that appeals directly to you. One kit that has been extremely popular with my smoking circle are these extremely petite and mobile vape kits that are incredibly discreet.

There really is no end to the variety of batteries and cartridges that you can get. If you’re not into cannabis distillates or maybe just want something with a bit more “kick,” you can even get a rosin (AKA squish) THC vape pen cartridge that utilizes solvent-free rosin in every smooth hit.


So to sum it up, please do get out of your comfort zone and give a THC vape pen a chance. It might not change your life like it did with mine, but it could revolutionize the way you and your friends smoke cannabis!


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