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Cannabis is not only smoked especially in some countries, this is used in various other food recipes. Since it provides a great number of health benefits if consumed in a healthy manner, we’ll be showing you how to turn weeds into THC vape oil. So, let’s get started,


#1 Turn The Weed Into Rosin


The first step in turning weed in THC vape oil is turning the weed into rosin. After pressing the rosin, we’re going to need to decarboxylate. There are 4 different methods to decarbonize. Then we’re going to take our rosin and put it on a hot plate heat it to a 150 degrees Fahrenheit. If the hot plates are still hot from the de-carb that’s fine. Just let the hot plate cool down to 150 degrees Fahrenheit before you add in the terpenes. I’ll be using with John Brown terpene profile. But you need to blend this terpene.


Since this rosin I made is quite dark, I’m gonna be using a 20% ratio of terpenes so that I can push it through the syringe filter more easily. Don’t worry about using too high ratio of terpenes when you’re going to be filtering it through a syringe filter as you can simply remove the terpenes later by heating it up again.


#2 Keep Applying Heat 


While you heat it may take a while for the rosin to fully dissolve into the terpenes. So just keep applying heat and giving it a shake. Just be careful that you’re not applying too much heat and you keep it at or below 150 degrees Fahrenheit so that you don’t damage the terpenes with the THC content in the vape oil. You’re gonna keep applying heat and mixing it until there’s no difference between the liquid and the solid.


A much easier and faster method is to simply use a magnetic stir bar. I drop the magnetic stir bar into the magnetic stir hot plate which will automatically stir through the glass. Once the process is done, you can see the rosin will be completely liquid. All your rosin will be still hot.


#3 Scoop It UP Into Syringe


We’re going to scoop it up into our syringe and push it through a syringe filter. You can simply attach the syringe filter to the syringe and filter it into a fresh file. I find it’s easier to push through the syringe filter if you have some backpressure. Let pull in some air and then push it through but don’t apply too much pressure or You’ll blow the filter.


#4 Switch Filter In Some Cases


If you notice it’s not going through the filter anymore pull back on the filter and remove the filter replace it with the new one. It’s good to reheat your oil when switching filters. This Robin had a lot of fats and waxes in it that’s why it’s so dark. I do use for different syringe filters to filter it through but one filter er per ml.


Now if you want to salvage what you’ve lost to these syringe filters you can just take some alcohol and push it through the filter. Then use this alcohol or edibles or drink it is. You can skip the filtration step but then you leave all those waxes and fats in your oil.


#5 Remove the Extra Terpenes


The final step of producing our rosin vape oil is to remove the extra terpenes that we added for the filtration stage. So I’m just going to let it sit at 160 degrees for about half an hour and that should evaporate down to a more appropriate terpene level. You can measure the amount of terpenes that has evaporated away. Scale it before and after you eat it. When one side is thickened up, you heat it up again and then we’ll inject it into our carts.




This is the entire process of making cannabis vape juice, and  I’m going to be filling into the Renova zero pod. This is a pod system that holds two MLS and has a C cell coil. It has an easy push to fill system, you just push into the metal pin and inject. Now let your coil soak for about 15 minutes before you hit it. I basically prefer to soak for 24 hours but it’ll still work fine if you do it for 15 minutes. So, this is how you conduct the entire process.


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